Roman Wilson NFL Draft

Roman Wilson

  • WR Michigan
  • Junior
  • #246
  • 6'
  • 180lbs
  • Prospect
  • Big Ten

Prospect Summary

Roman Wilson 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report


  • Won the ‘Fastest Man’ race, clocked 4.37 in the 40-yard dash at Nike’s Opening
  • Caught 61 receptions for 1,025 yards and 11 touchdowns as a high school senior 
  • Ran track and field at St. Louis, running sprints and jumping


  • Scheme tendencies: Fast-paced, up-tempo with elements of spread offense
  • 2022 projected role: Starting Z receiver 

Pros: The spark Roman Wilson brings to the Wolverines’ offense is easy to see. His sub-4.4 speed is easy to notice in the open field. Former OC Josh Gattis used Wilson in motion a fair amount of time to create manufactured touch opportunities. They wanted to get the football in his hands, it did not matter in what form. He faced cushion a majority of the time as a result of his explosive speed. For the routes he was asked to run, he did a solid job creating separation at the top of his breaks. He was at his best working as a horizontal run-after-catch threat (shallow and deep crossers). His speed allows him to manipulate defenders with double moves down the field. I admire his competitive spirit. Wilson is a willing blocker on the front or backside of the play. A manipulative salesman, he sells stems and blocks well to open downfield opportunities.

Cons: The combination of subpar quarterback play and the offensive play-calling limited Roman Wilson’s opportunities to shine in 2021—he hauled in a lowly 25 receptions. As a result, his game is raw when it comes to release packages and route-running. Though he is a willing blocker, his technique has room for improvement. He has wide hand placement and lunges/leans into his opponents. This will result in poor blocking leverage, balance, and sustainability. A receiver with his long speed, Wilson can improve his vertical push/stem to sell the 9-routes and open comeback and curls.

Roman Wilson NFL Draft Scouting Report by Damian Parson