How to Host A Draft Night

We may be a little bit biased, but NFL Draft weekend is the best time of the year! Every team and every fan base in the NFL is full of hope, eagerly awaiting the players of the future that will be walking into their facility for the upcoming season and beyond.

For players, draft day is the moment they have been dreaming about since they were little kids, excelling in pop warner, high school, and college football on their way to the NFL.

For teams, NFL Draft weekend represents a changing of the guard for a new season with new expectations on the never-ending path to taking home the Lombardi Trophy. For fans, this is a weekend to celebrate the optimism of a new season and a brighter future ahead. What better way to do that than a draft party?


How can you throw the best NFL Draft party ever?

Here are some tips from the experts here at The Draft Network.


Draft Day Every Day!

If you’ve never thrown a draft party before, do not go another year without doing so. Draft parties are the new Super Bowl parties. You don’t want to miss out!