Alfred Collins NFL Draft

Alfred Collins

  • IDL Texas
  • Junior
  • #233
  • 6'5"
  • 288lbs
  • Prospect
  • Big 12

Prospect Summary

Alfred Collins 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report


  • Three-year contributor  
  • 2022 Preseason Third-Team All-Big-12 
  • 2021 Academic First-Team All-Big-12


  • Scheme tendencies: Scheme-versatile player  
  • 2022 projected role: Will align in multiple positions along the front

Pros: Alfred Collins shows to be a good athlete and has good length for a defensive lineman. Collins excels when he is put in positions to utilize his athleticism to beat offensive linemen at the line of scrimmage. Playing the run, Collins is best when he is asked to shoot gaps. He has a quick enough first step to jump into gaps and beat offensive linemen to get backfield penetration. As a pass rusher, Collins is most effective when he is participating in twists and stunts and he can get proper leverage on offensive linemen. When Collins can get offensive linemen in his space, he has a good opportunity to win and make impact plays.

Cons: Alfred Collins’ deficiencies come from what appears to be a lack of pure upper-body strength. In the run game, Collins struggles to hold his ground and usually ends up displaced off the line of scrimmage. Collins really has to work to disengage from offensive linemen and sometimes is ineffective, which could result in big runs his way. As a pass rusher, Collins needs to develop secondary pass-rush moves. At this point in his development, Collins tries to win off of pure athleticism, and once the offensive lineman blocks his initial attack, Collins does not appear to have a secondary move in his repertoire.

Alfred Collins NFL Draft Scouting Report by Keith Sanchez