Joe Foucha NFL Draft

Joe Foucha

  • Senior
  • #317
  • 5'11"
  • 206lbs
  • Prospect
  • Southeastern

Prospect Summary

Joe Foucha 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report


  • Arkansas transfer
  • Started more than 30 games 


  • Scheme tendencies: More impactful as a zone defender against the pass
  • 2022 projected role:  Strong safety

Pros: Joe Foucha is a high-motor defender that makes his impact felt via high-effort plays. Foucha makes the extra effort to chase down plays from the backside when he’s a blitzing defender. He will also chase ball carriers down 20-plus yards down the field to make the tackle. In pass coverage, Foucha shows best as a zone defender where he can allow the play to develop in front of him. From the traditional safety alignment, Foucha can read routes and then break downhill to disrupt passes. Foucha’s experience allows him to react quickly and he is seemingly always around the ball.

Cons: Joe Foucha’s deficiencies appear to come from his overall athleticism as a player. Foucha appears to be a better player in zone coverage versus man-to-man. This is because Foucha shows to have average speed so faster receivers can give him an issue in man-to-man situations. On occasion, Foucha would allow the receiver to eat up his cushion quickly and by the time Foucha could flip his hips and accelerate, the receiver would be a step past him. At Arkansas, they ran a lot of zone, so some of these issues were not highlighted. But a transfer to LSU could mean a new role for Foucha and he would definitely have to improve upon these traits.

Joe Foucha NFL Draft Scouting Report by Keith Sanchez