AJ Finley NFL Draft

AJ Finley

  • SAF Ole Miss
  • Senior
  • #305
  • 6'3"
  • 205lbs
  • Prospect
  • Southeastern

Prospect Summary

AJ Finley 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report


  • Has experience in more than 30 career games 


  • Scheme tendencies: Multiple 
  • 2022 projected role: Starting deep safety

Pros: There are multiple aspects of AJ Finley’s game to like. First, he appears to have fluid movements that translate well to him being able to cover man-to-man. In man coverage, Finley showed the ability to break on the receiver, stay in phase, and intercept the pass. The other plus side of Finley’s game is the range he displays as a tackler from the deep safety position. Finley showed well in his ability to track ball carriers from the deep safety position. As a run defender, Finley is a willing tackler that is willing to throw his body into the mix to make the tackle.

Cons: The downside to AJ Finley’s game is simply his ability to be a reliable run defender. He manages to get to the ball carrier, but as a tackler, he is very ineffective. I believe that this comes from the fact that Finley is a long, wiry frame and does not appear to have much mass behind him when he tackles. Finley needs to develop a new tackling style that would require him to use less of his body and become an effective arm tackler. Finley can elevate his draft stock by tackling better and becoming a more reliable run defender.

AJ Finley NFL Draft Scouting Report by Keith Sanchez