Matthew Bergeron NFL Draft

Matthew Bergeron

  • OT Syracuse
  • Senior
  • #304
  • 6'5"
  • 322lbs
  • Prospect
  • Atlantic Coast

Prospect Summary

Matthew Bergeron 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report


  • Native of Montreal, Quebec
  • Academic standout 
  • Enters 2022 with 28 consecutive starts 


  • Scheme tendencies: Spread
  • 2022 projected role: Starting LT

Pros: Matthew Bergeron became a starter for Syracuse as a freshman and has been entrenched in the lineup since. He began his career at right tackle before moving to the left side in 2020 and has extensive experience at both spots. Bergeron is a smooth operator with excellent body control and good mobility. He easily redirects, pivots, and is effective working laterally. Bergeron is a smart player that executes with good timing in the run game and excellent awareness in pass protection. Overall, his range is excellent and he can be trusted on longer pulls and hitting backside cut-off blocks. While he lacks length, I appreciate how he competes for hand placement and keeps working his fits. He should be an attractive option for zone-rushing offenses. He keeps his feet engaged and operates from a consistent base. 

Cons: A college tackle, Matthew Bergeron may lack the length and width desired to play there in the NFL and a transition to guard could be in order. Bergeron doesn’t impress with his functional strength and is more reliant on technique, angles, and body positioning to create movement in the run game. His lack of length creates challenges protecting his edges and keeping opponents out of his frame. Overall, Bergeron is an effective but not dominant college blocker that needs to get stronger and may require a position switch while projecting most favorably to a zone-rushing offense.

Matthew Bergeron NFL Draft Scouting Report by Joe Marino