Dontae Bull NFL Draft

Dontae Bull

  • OT Fresno State
  • Senior
  • #237
  • 6'7"
  • 326lbs
  • Prospect
  • Mountain West

Prospect Summary

Dontae Bull 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report


  • From Canada (Victoria, BC)
  • Three-year starter for the Bulldogs
  • Has experience playing guard and both tackle spots


  • Scheme tendencies: Spread
  • 2022 projected role: Developmental left tackle who may be best suited at right tackle at the next level

Pros: Dontae Bull is one of the most physically impressive players in this class. He possesses outstanding size and mass for the position and offers rare length as he has verified 35-inch arms. Bull does a very good job at utilizing his length to create a longer path to the quarterback. While he lacks foot speed, he knows how to use his length to widen the arc even if his edges are exposed early in the down. He attacks defenders mid-rush and has good punch timing and placement to stymie the defender. If he gets his hands on the defender early in the down, the rep is usually won. He has a good anchor and can sit down on bull rushes and speed to power. Bull has strong hands and grip strength and is able to control and steer once he is latched. A mauler in the run game, Bull is able to cover up most defenders and creates good movement at the point of attack. He works to sustain and plays with a mean streak. He’s a good athlete in space. He is able to get to the second level and his big body allows him to be able to shield and wall off defenders. 

Cons: Dontae Bull struggles when facing speed rushers and rushers who utilize quick inside-out counters. He lacks the foot quickness and coordination to get out of his stance and beat speed rushers to the cut-off point and struggles to redirect against counters. He plays high and loses the leverage battle at times. A segmented mover, Bull lacks fluidity in his pass sets and his feet often get tangled, opening up creases for interior pressure. Balance is an issue for Bull and he struggles to keep his weight proportionate with his feet—he will lean on blocks and fall off. He struggles with adjusting to moving targets at the second level and will miss blocks as defenders can evade him if he isn’t able to get his hands on cleanly.

Dontae Bull NFL Draft Scouting Report by Brentley Weissman