Jordan Travis NFL Draft

Jordan Travis

  • QB Florida State
  • Junior
  • #236
  • 6'1"
  • 201lbs
  • Prospect
  • Atlantic Coast

Prospect Summary

Jordan Travis 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report


  • Has played in 22 career games  
  • Has FSU record for QB rushing yards and TDs 


  • Scheme tendencies: Spread   
  • 2022 projected role: Starting QB

Pros: Jordan Travis is a quarterback that has a lot of likable tools, but his No. 1 asset may be his ability to improvise. Travis’ offensive line is average at best and they tend to give up a lot of free blitzers to the quarterbacks. This forces Travis to escape the pocket and create a play off-script. Outside of the pocket, Travis has the ability to both tuck the ball and run and also throw the ball down the field on the run. Travis appears to be a cool operator in these moments and often makes the right play. In these situations, you also see how effective Travis can be running the football. He appears to be a plus-level athlete at the QB position and can make defenses pay with his legs. Amongst the chaos, Travis still shows to have high potential at the QB position. If Florida State can solidify the offensive line, I believe Travis can put up some good numbers. 

Cons:  The downside to Jordan Travis’ game at times could be his accuracy. Looking at his lower half, it is apparent that he can use help in being more consistent in his lower-half mechanics. It is a 50-50 shot on whether Travis will properly set his feet to throw the ball. This inconsistency forces Travis’ balls to sail on him at times. Multiple times on film, Travis failed to hit an open receiver at key moments, which all started with his lack of having a proper base to throw. Travis has skills that can be intriguing but needs to improve his mechanics to become a more accurate passer.

Jordan Travis NFL Draft Scouting Report by Keith Sanchez