Tre'Vius Hodges-Tomlinson NFL Draft

Tre'Vius Hodges-Tomlinson

  • CB TCU
  • Senior
  • #55
  • 5'9"
  • 177lbs
  • Prospect
  • Big 12

Prospect Summary

Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report


  • 2021 First Team All-Big-12
  • 2020 First Team All-Big-12


  • Scheme tendencies: Scheme versatile
  • 2022 projected role: Starting outside corner / versatility to play nickel

Pros: Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson is an extremely talented cornerback. Watching the film, you instantly notice his athletic ability. In press-man situations, he has the foot quickness to mirror and match receivers and stay on top of them. He also has the fluid hips to turn and run with receivers in the deeper portions of the field. On in-breaking routes, Hodges-Tomlinson shows off his reactionary athleticism in his ability to sink his hips and stay in the pocket of receivers to stay in phase with them. Another element that jumps off the film is his competitive nature. Hodges-Tomlinson shows that he is a high-motor player with the way he pursues ball carriers and gives great effort to make the tackle. He is also very competitive at the catch point and will battle with receivers to make sure that they have absolutely secured the pass before calling the play over. Hodges-Tomlinson is a high-level competitor whose talent is undeniable. 

Cons: The only downside to Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson’s game is something that he can’t control and that’s his size. When he is matched up with big-bodied receivers, he does a good job of covering them. But when the quarterback places the ball high, it is hard for Hodges-Tomlinson to contest those pasess when the receiver jumps for the ball. Receivers also have the ability to use their body to shield him away from the ball so that way he can’t get a hand in there to deflect the pass. Hodges-Tomlinson plays mostly outside corner but I think he may benefit from a move inside on the next level because slot receivers are usually smaller-framed players and this could help minimize this issue.

Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson NFL Draft Scouting Report by Keith Sanchez