Cam Hart NFL Draft

Cam Hart

  • CB Notre Dame
  • Junior
  • #301
  • 6'2"
  • 205lbs
  • Prospect
  • IA Independents

Prospect Summary

Cam Hart 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report


  • Former wide receiver recruit coming out of high school
  • Suffered season-ending shoulder injury after just three games as a freshman in 2019


  • Scheme tendencies: Aggressive even front defense (expected under Al Golden)
  • 2022 projected role: Starting CB

Pros: There’s a part of me who thinks Cam Hart can play safety and transition into an effective player in this role. He’s a big-time striker and tackler and his ability to manufacture force for collisions from depth is one of his best qualities. He was productive on the ball last year and showed good angles when driving on routes to use all of his length to get into the body of receivers and time up his hits. To go along with his plus length and striking ability, you saw plenty of aggressiveness in his demeanor on the outside. A supersized player in the secondary, he’s got a rare ability to influence throwing windows with his wingspan and it makes it a challenge to throw around. Red zone targets saw several good triggers and I do think that as a safety who plays low and in the hole, you’d alleviate some of your athleticism concerns and still be in position to take advantage of his freakish size to play in the secondary.

Cons: His length and frame, while appealing, is a double-edged sword that creates some anatomical barriers to fluidity and suddenness in his transitions. Cam Hart is a high-hipped athlete with long strides and I don’t see the kind of foot quickness needed in order for him to mirror at a high level or flash at the top of the route. The Irish often played him in side saddle or playing from depth as a deep third/quarter of the field defender where he could then key his eyes in front and look to jump any action in front of his face. That aggressiveness led to some production on the football and a few close calls for other big plays, but I think he’s a little over-eager in some of those situations and is willing to take some risks to jump throws. When he’s allowed to press up on the line of scrimmage, his positives can be tested by good route-runners and hard angles. He’s not the quickest in straight-line situations and as a result, he can be a bit grabby to try to stay in stride—well-timed breaks can catch him attached to receivers and may draw attention from officials.

Cam Hart NFL Draft Scouting Report by Kyle Crabbs