Jahleel Billingsley NFL Draft

Jahleel Billingsley

  • TE Texas
  • Senior
  • #172
  • 6'4"
  • 219lbs
  • Prospect
  • Big 12

Prospect Summary

Jahleel Billingsley 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report


  • Alabama transfer 
  • Three-year contributor  


  • Scheme tendencies: Spread system 
  • 2022 projected role: Starting flex TE

Pros: Jahleel Billingsley’s best asset is his speed. During his time at Alabama, he played the flex tight end position where he was able to run vertical routes. Running those routes, Billingsley showcased how easily he could run away from linebackers and safeties. Billingsley thrives when he can get free releases up the field and make a big play. Billingsley is a smooth separator that can work the vertical portions of the field. At Texas, I believe he will be used in the same capacity, and with a consistent year, he can be very productive in the Big 12. 

Cons: While Jahleel Billingsley shows to be a very good vertical threat as a tight end, there are other areas of his game that he needs to work on to be a well-rounded player. As a blocker, Billingsley will engage with defenders, but in most situations, he is not effective. This looks to be due to a combination of lack of size and effort. Also, Billingsley doesn’t seem to be a willing participant in high-traffic areas. He will often lose concentration in high-traffic areas, focusing on the defenders around him instead of catching the ball. Billingsley has athletic upside, but to prevent being labeled as a one-dimensional player, he needs to add other parts to his game like blocking and catching in traffic.

Jahleel Billingsley NFL Draft Scouting Report by Keith Sanchez