Isaac Rex NFL Draft

Isaac Rex

  • TE BYU
  • Sophomore
  • #161
  • 6'6"
  • 247lbs
  • Prospect
  • IA Independents

Prospect Summary

Isaac Rex 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Report


  • Chose BYU over USC, UCLA, Arizona State, Utah, and others
  • Served on a mission to Samoa for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
  • Father, Byron, was an All-American TE at BYU 
  • Eagle Scout


  • Scheme tendencies: Spread offense
  • 2022 projected role: Starting TE

Pros: The career pathway for Isaac Rex to this point has been a tale of two seasons. His 2020 campaign with Zach Wilson at quarterback offered a tremendous look at his receiving potential. 2021 was much more of a focus on his blocking skill set. I’m encouraged by the flashes you’ve seen on both fronts. Rex was very good as a pass-catcher for the Cougars when afforded targets. The offense often split him wide in the red zone and threw him back shoulder and high point targets against cornerbacks so log contested catches. He finished that season with 12 touchdown receptions, many of which came in that format. He’s showcased soft hands and sufficient concentration as well. As a blocker, I’ve appreciated the effort and range that Rex can offer in both lateral and vertical runs. He does well to climb to second-level blockers and sprung several big runs with his effort to crash across the center on the second level and pick off flow as his backs press for cut-back lanes. He offers suitable physical size for the position at the NFL level as well. 

Cons: Isaac Rex’s athletic profile doesn’t appear to be that of a mismatch player in either phase of the position, so he’s someone I interpret is going to need to continue to develop into a technician to be the best version of himself and an impactful player. His run-after-catch ability is only modest and he didn’t show much in the way of creativity after the catch. The regression in receiving production is understandable given the context of the offensive changes from 2020 to 2021, but it would certainly go a long way in kickstarting more enthusiasm as a prospect if he’s able to bounce back and see production levels similar to his 2020 campaign. Rex as a blocker can be guilty of catching at times in protection and his framing consistency can lead to falling off some blocks—I thought his best wins in the run game came with natural angles baked into the formation as compared to winning that real estate organically after first contact.

Isaac Rex NFL Draft Scouting Report by Kyle Crabbs