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So you want to play general manager, huh? Welcome to The Draft Network’s Mock Draft Machine guide! Here you will experience the thrill of being a general manager on NFL draft weekend for your favorite team, a group of teams, or the entire NFL.

Do you need a new franchise quarterback? How about a stud wide receiver? A new starting running back in the middle rounds? How about players to fortify your defense?

The possibilities are endless as you try to rebuild a team, bring a franchise into playoff contention, or keep a Super Bowl-winning window open.

Mock Draft Machine

If you have not used The Draft Network’s Mock Draft Machine before or just want a refresher on how to use it to its fullest extent, this guide will help you navigate through it. Let’s dive in.

Welcome inside the Mock Draft Machine.

That’s It!

That’s how you join the millions of people making mock drafts all year long at The Draft Network!