NFL Draft 2022

Isaih Pacheco

  • RB Scarlet Knights
  • Junior
  • #--
  • 5'11"
  • 215lbs
  • Prospect
  • Big Ten

Prospect Summary

Rutgers’ Isaih Pacheco is a productive running back who looks to make his mark in the NFL after four successful seasons with the Scarlet Knights. Pacheco has been the focal point of Rutgers’ offense for three straight seasons and earned Honorary All-Big-Ten honors as a senior in 2021. Pacheco is a well-built running back who offers good size, power, and strength. He’s a thick back with good height and has a muscular frame throughout. Pacheco flashes above average vision as a runner as he is able to quickly find open holes and seams when pressing the line of scrimmage. He is a better inside runner where he shows good contact balance, power, and physicality. Pacheco is a straight-line runner who is best working downhill. He lacks fluidity, burst, and explosiveness to consistently generate big plays and has just average speed to get the edge. In the passing game, Pacheco is an excellent pass protector, showing the necessary awareness to scan and pick up blitzers with a firm punch and stout anchor. Additionally, he is an above average receiver out of the backfield with good hands, although he is primarily a get-what’s-there runner after the catch. Overall, Pacheco is a tough, physical runner with good size, power, and contact balance but lacks any sort of dynamic trait that would get you overly excited about his projection to the NFL.

Ideal Role: Back-of-the-roster running back with special teams appeal

Scheme Fit: Versatile


Written by Brentley Weissman

Games watched: Maryland (2021), Michigan (2021), Northwestern (2021)

Best Game Studied: Maryland (2021)

Worst Game Studied: Northwestern (2021)

Vision: Pacheco has good vision and instincts when running the football. He is patient when pressing the line of scrimmage and has a natural feel for when holes open up. His eyes are always scanning the field for cut-back lanes once he is in the open field.

Footwork: Pacheco has just average overall footwork. He does well to make cuts in a natural and fluid motion and wastes very little movement. That being said, his cuts lack any sort of explosiveness and are often ineffective at creating space or making defenders miss.

Contact Balance: Pacheco has very good overall power and contact balance. He is a well-built back who has a muscular frame and natural leverage. He breaks tackles with ease when working through the line of scrimmage and looks to deliver punishment when he is squared up in the open field. His physical temperament is quite impressive when the ball is in his hands.

Durability: Pacheco has missed hardly any time in his three-year career of being Rutgers’ lead back. He handles a full load week to week and always comes ready to play. His durability is especially impressive given his physical nature when running the football.

Explosiveness: Pacheco is a one-speed runner who lacks any sort of burst or explosiveness. There are times when he has a chance to beat the defender to the corner and turn upfield but simply lacks the juice to defeat the angle. He does offer some downhill speed once he opens up his stride, but in short areas, he leaves a lot to be desired with regard to explosiveness and speed.

Versatility: Pacheco is a three-down back who can do everything required in that role. He can run inside, outside, catch the football, and pass block. He certainly isn’t the type of back who you can move around the field to create mismatches, but he is a reliable three-down back. Additionally, his toughness will allow him to be successful on special teams.

Elusiveness: Pacheco lacks elusiveness and shiftiness as a runner. He is a stiff, linear athlete who really struggles to turn the corner and make round cuts. He is a big, physical runner who offers a lot of surface area for defenders to locate and square up. He’s a north/south runner who lacks creativity with the ball in his hands.

Ball Security: Pacheco has very good ball security. He covers the ball with two hands when breaking through the line of scrimmage and then holds it high and tight in the open field. He has just two fumbles in his four-year career, both of which came during his true freshman season.

Passing Down Ability: Pacheco is an excellent pass blocker with very good awareness and technique. He scans well in the pocket and picks up the nearest blitzer with good hands and anchor. As a receiver, Pacheco displays good hands and body control but lacks any rudeness with his routes or with the ball in his hands. He is reliable in the passing game but certainly not dynamic.

Discipline: Pacheco is a disciplined runner who displays good patience and control. He rarely attempts to force things when the play isn’t there and he knows when to take four to five yards rather than attempt a cutback that turns into a negative play.


TDN Consensus: 69.50/100 (Sixth Round Value)

Crabbs Grade: 70.00/100

Weissman Grade: 69.00/100